Fine Art Travel Photos of cities in Portugal

Porto and Coimbra
Fine art travel photos of the Portugal cities of Porto, Coimbra and the Bussaco Palace Hotel for home or office decoration with photo canvas prints, framed photos, and travel prints.

PORTO - Porto is the second largest city in Portugal. Porto spans the Douro River and reaches out to the ocean. There are so many tiled churches to see and the old wine boats... I highly recommend visiting Porto if you like old-world charm.

COIMBRA - Coimbra is a University city. Actually the main site is the University of Coimbra which is one of the oldest in Europe as it was established in 1290!

BUSSACO PALACE HOTEL - fairytale location!

To read more about each location visit the store blog for travel tips and information on what to see in Porto, Coimbra and the Bussaco Palace Hotel!