Fine Art Travel Photos of cities in Switzerland

Swiss Cities
Decorate your home or office with fine art travel photos of Switzerland that feature mountains, small Swiss towns, rivers and more.

VALLE VERZASCA - Valle Verzasca is home to the 4th tallest dam in Switzerland. The Contra (Verzasca Dam) is 220m (722ft) high the crest length is 380m. The dam was built between the years 1960 and 1965. The dam was used in the bungee jump scene at the beginning of the 1995 Bond movie "Golden Eye."

MONTE TAMARO - Monte Tamaro is between Lugano and Bellinzona in Switzerland and it is a starting point for many hiking trails. Monte Tamaro is also the location of the Church Santa Maria degli Angeli designed by the architect Mario Botta.

ZURICH and LAURSANNE - Zurich and Lausanne are cities bustling with life and color.

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