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Yantai ShuChi bus limited liability company

01/19/2016 13:42

Yantai ShuChi bus limited liability company is a new modern high-tech enterprises, the company is located in the Jiaodong Peninsula transportation hub, the famous pear Village -- in Laiyang city. Here beautiful scenery, convenient transportation.

The company is the earliest Chinese bus manufacturer. Established in 1969. In March of 2002 , with the Ministry of communication bus production enterprises focus on "Yantai Motor Transport Group converted bus factory " worker contributive, joint Yantai Jiaoyunjituan, undertook share-holding system is transformed, the formation of the " Yantai Shu Chi bus limited liability company. Companies registered capital of 58.98 millions Yuan, covers an area of 130000 square meters, construction area of 58000 square meters, in Laiyang City Industrial Park, the newly completed an annual output of 6000 high-grade passenger car production line, the national passenger advanced manufacturing enterprises.

In the bus development and production with the domestic leading position. Technically Shu Chi bus using the leading domestic full three-dimensional design, integration into the domestic and foreign advanced design concepts, the company in product design from the concept design to realize the 3D design, 2D design automatic conversion,significantly improve the product development speed and quality, using closed loop truss type full monocoque structure design, body force distribution uniformity, strength is 3-6 times of ordinary passenger car. Not only that, the selection of high quality 16Mn alloy shaped steel and high-quality cold-rolled automobile galvanized steel plate welding formed, with a light weight, strong ability of anti rollover and energy absorbingdeceleration shock effect, and in the rectangular cavity injection of wax, car bottom damping paste preservative treatment, so that the car has very strong corrosion resistance ability. The production process on the use of hydraulic tension produced outside the skin makes the structure more simple, more strength. At the same time Shu Chi bus with domestic famous universities and Harbin Institute of Technology, the automobile is simulated with finite element analysis, the performance met the leading domestic level, to ensure the vehicle structure rationality and safety. The full bearing technology Shu Chi bus is fully deserve the safest car of china. At the same time Shu Chi bus fashion fascinating patent of appearance design, international popularity of streamline body, endows automotive noble art.

Advanced technology to create a classic car, harsh strict inspection, test gives Shu Chi bus excellent quality. In 2002 the company passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification, to ensure that the company's quality management level to rise steadily, 2003 May all products passed CCC certification, in 2005 the company has on the PDM data management system and ERP system, improve enterprise management efficiency and level. At the same time, the company introduced advanced testing equipment, the purchase of high performance computer hardware and software equipment, the establishment of an internal LAN, construction of a microcomputer controlled automobile safety test line, rain test chamber, set up new product trial production workshop, specializing in new product test and road test, so that the new product development process by strict quality control and accept the harsh test.

Advanced testing equipment for product quality to implement effective control. More and more attention to the right of life today, making the safe bus is Shu Chi man's mission. Shu Chi cars early in 2007 a bus rollover test, the international standard bus critical angle is 37 degrees, testing Shu Chi bus YTK6126 in ground tilt angle of 40 degrees when the rollover, after the rollover Shu Chi bus except the front and rear wind shield broken, body frame without large deformation, other part sand its components are intact, the vehicle can run as usual. The success of this experiment marks the Shu Chi bus and bus safety stand on the same starting line.

With the continuous improvement of quality of passenger cars and user acceptance, Shu Chi licensing series buses by Chinese enterprises to promote the brand was named "China famous brand ", in the " China Quality Miles " surveys won the market with the industry " product quality, service quality and customer satisfaction without complaint brand ", is China Institute of highway passenger car recommended for high speed passenger car branch.

The company now has " ShuChi " brand three series more than 60varieties, in large, light, high, medium, common grade highway bus, tourist bus, city buses products group. Products covered 6 meters to 13.7 meters of various types of fuel, gas bus products. Variety complete, cost-effective, update the fast Shu Chi bus based on the domestic market, actively explore the international market, products are sold to Russia, Algeria, New Zealand, Thailand and other countries and regions.

Classic bus maker, honor creator is -- people, Shu Chi people in a relaxed and happy working environment has always adhere to the "quality first, the credibility of the first, the user first" business philosophy and " people-oriented, service unlimited" service concept, to customer demand as the center, with Chinese characteristics andsuitable for China 's vast number of users Shu Chi bus technology to create human, vehicle, natural harmony, for the people of the world to create safe, environmental protection, comfortable, efficient classic bus.