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Hefei Carnot Automotive Air Conditioning Co., Ltd

01/19/2016 13:47

Electric AC base--Hefei Carnot Automotive Air Conditioning Co., Ltd, with a planned production area of 20,000 square meters located in hefei Economic Development Zone, is high-tech professional engaged in R&D, manufacturing, and sales of air-conditioners for both new energy electric and conventional automobiles, industrial environment cooling equipments and control devices, showing its capacity of producing 5,000 electric air-conditioners of motorbuses annually upon completion of first-stage construction.

The Company has probed into research on fully electrified air-conditioner technology as well as products for vehicles in the pursuit of technology and product leadership. It's the first who has applied micro-channel heat exchangers, higher field oriented vector control, DC variable frequency PMSM drive and other new technologies in electric A/Cs for buses reaching international advanced level, achieved combined effects in energy saving, environmental protection, safety, lightweight and low noise.

 The business range included R&D,production and sales of complete vehicle AC,comes into being 10000 sets of  AC for commercial vehicle and 100 thousand sets of passenger vehicle.The main clients includes Fisrt bus,Hebei bus,Changchun bus,BYD,FAW-GM,Geely,Lifan electric vehicles and etc.